After the Sundering, the Dalelands in the Western Heartlands are rebuilding, as are the major countries on it's western borders. Some of the previous dales were destroyed in the Sundering, or broke off into smaller Dales, as is the way of the free-thinking Dalesfolk. The New Dales, as they are called, generally keep to themselves content to survive and prosper in the wake of years of destruction.

Although in no way the largest of the New Dales, Ryerdale is integral to the success of the Heartlands. The Desertmouth Mountains, that half-ring the north-western border of the Ryerdale have lowlands at the confluence of three smaller rivers. These rivers are a quick way into The Dalelands, from the southern Cormyr. The fort that controls the lowlands around the confluence is the seat of power for the barony of Ryerdale, and is known as Ryerhold.

Ryerdale's neighboring Dale, Woadwraithdale, is in all out revolt. Usurpation of the the current Baroness was undertaken by no less than three alternate factions of local dalesfolk. Had they united, they likely would have overtaken the dale, however they spend as much time in skirmish battles with one another, as they do with the dales militia. The other dales keep careful watch on Ryerdale, hoping that the anti-state sentiment of Woadwraithdale doesn't’t spread past through Ryerdale, and into the other dales.

The other dales are not the only ones watching. As Cormyr rebuilds, the kingdom is not unaware of Ryerdale's existence on their border, and it is said that discussions of annexation of have been had within the stately halls of Suzail.


Heartland Song

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